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Yes, you should absolutely eat when you're not hungry. In this show I telly you why.

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Ricks Meditation tips!

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Tips to save time in the grocery store 

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How you don't need to spend hours in the gym and why using high intensity workouts is the best way to workout.

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Tips from Kelly on how to reach your goals with Visualization.

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What you Shouldn't do after a workout regarding nutrition 

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Check out my interview with Betty Rocker!

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questions from our monthly membership 

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Dirk's 4 Principles 

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Tips on how to reduce stress and Eat out guilt free

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What heating healthy is stressful and what you can do about it

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Key tips on how to keep all your hard work into the new year.

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Dr. Rebecca Risks talks about Lyme Disease 

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Tips to more easily get up and work out in the morning.

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Communication from the other side

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Why the family first fitness approach is the best way to see results from the entire family.

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with Jenn Santana 

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7 Tips for lasting change

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How to over come rejection.

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For our Monthly Membership group

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Great tips to reduce stress at this time of year

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EM&B #214: Applied Kinesiologist Dr. Adrian Korol

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My 10 top reasons why a success journal will take your health to the next level.

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Self Love with Janis McKinstry

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We've got Pilates instructor Colleen Manning coming on today to share the benefits of Pilates.

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Healthy habits for kids with Steve Stearns 

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Some quick tips to help you with nutrition over the holiday season.

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A story of surviving a stroke.

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In this show I talk about how almost everything we do is because of a conditioned response.

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Ad for HearWell

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Ad for the tire shop

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My 4 top tips on how to avoid adrenal fatigue and help you reduce stress.

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It was an absolute pleasure have Kristin Dahl and the show today for another interview. We share very similar beliefs when it comes to health and nutrition from staying active (fitness wise) to our beliefs around counting calories. As a holistic nutritionist Kristin has a more natural approach when it comes to hear teachings which is lovely to hear.

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This is a story of how I healed myself.

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In this show I talk about why 'that one big break' is a myth and what can do to change your mindset.

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Why we struggle in certain areas in life from finances to relationships, all have to do the with story we're telling ourselves. 

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Listen to Chantal talk about how she was able to reach her health and fitness goals in Real People Real Results!

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Check out Dylan Dean as she talks about how she was able to get out of her fitness rut!

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Check all these tips Jason has to offer on making fitness fun!

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Listen to Andy as he shares his passion for health and fitness along with how he's able to manage such a busy schedule.

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Check out guest Bob Choat as he talks about how to improve your mind set.

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In this show I interview Kimberly Cornish who is the Director of food, water, wellness foundation on the importance of supporting local.

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Death Race Finisher Noel D'arcy after 125km and 20 hours Noel is one of only 33% to finish this Death Race journey. 

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In this show I talk about the life lessons I've learned as I teach myself how to slackline.

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How to Fight FatFlammation with Dr. Lori Shemek is about how to lose weight and keep it off in a more natural and sustainable approach to lifestyle. 

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In this show I talk about the importance of setting goals to find your success no matter what you're doing.

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Due to the morning sickness drug called Thalidomide and the side affects, Alvin was born without arms. A gripping story of being put up by adoption and raised by a very positive mother and father in a foster home Alvin shares what it's like to grow up and live a life without arms.

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This show is about Kundalini Yoga with Nicole Fagone and my experiene with trying out her classes. Check out how to meditate and use kundalini for reducing stress.

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Check out a few brief conversations with some of my best guests! 

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Check out my youngest guest and youngest listener Leah Hollaway. Find out why she's intersted in Exploring Mind and Body at such a young age. 

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In this show I share my experience with watching the CrossFit Games live and in person. Super exciting! 

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Here is a show about a shark attack or actually this shark was being attacked by human trash. I also talk about our disconcern for the environment. 

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The Wheel of Healing with Ayurveda written by Michelle S. Fondin was an incredibly informative book on how to heal with the Ayurveda way of life. What I love about this book is, you can pick it up and turn to any page or chapter and start right from there.

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It's important to increase your nutrition as you increase your workouts and activity level. In this show I tell you why. 

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Check out Holistic Nutritionist Rick Kohut talk about how to naturally lower cholesterol. 

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Without a doubt morning nutrition is the most important part of the day. Putting quality nutrients in your body first thing in the morning sets up your entire day for success. In this show I talk about why it's so important give your body a chance at success regarding health right after you get up.

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On this edition of Exploring Mind and Body we're flipping the script here and it's my turn to be interviewed. Dr. Nicola Bird reached out to me and asked me if I'd like to be interview on her show. So needless it say it's an absolute please be asked to guest on someone else's show.

The topic of this discussion is Reducing Stress through Detoxing the body. As you might know, I love to talk about this subject. I truly believe our bodies are incredibly stressed out due to the amount of toxins we're putting in, on and surrounding ourselves with.


As you'll hear in the interview I reference Detoxify Yourself which is the book I wrote so you have a better idea of how to avoid toxins, prepare toxic free food, avoid toxic cosmetics and even to pay attention to a toxic environment which certainly plays a factor in our stress levels.

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I couldn't be more excited to have Dan Millman on air with me for my 200th show! Dan is my all time favorite author because of the Way of the Peaceful Warrior which changed my life and countless others. This is actually the 3rd time I've had the pleasure of interviewing Dan and each interview with his gets better each time.

Given that this is show 200, this marks my 4th year on air which is an incredible milestone for me to reach. I can't thank you enough for being here with me to share this show and moment with me. I've had listeners from the very beginning still listening and I also have new listeners and even those that have gone back and listened to each and every episode.


I couldn't be more grateful for the support show by you, the station and all the incredible interviews sent over during the past few years of Exploring Mind and Body.

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I think we all try to find ways where we feeling like we're moving forward in life. In this show I talk about how I feel like I'm moving forward and also how I feel like there comes a turning point in all our lives in which we actually can move forward and progress in the manner not only we hoped for but worked for.

I feel like at times we think we can do everything on our own when in fact we need help. I would say every successful person accepted help in some way. There are simply too many things to do and people to please to go at it alone.


I believe deep down we all have some sort of control issues. We need that control and without we feel like we lose a part of ourselves. Entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches and parents, we're all the same. We feel that absolutely no one can do it as good as us so we continue to struggle through life instead of accepting that help and understanding the only way to continue moving forward in life is to accept and carry on.

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I'm often asked what type of supplements I take. When I respond, I get a puzzled look. The truth is I don't take supplements. There are many reasons I list in this show but for the most part I don't feel I need them. And truthfully I believe we could all take less (or maybe none) if we ate a more balanced diet.

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I think we're all looking for something in this life, maybe it's peace, maybe it's happiness, maybe it's fortune and fame. Regardless here we are working towards a better life, through self improvement maybe even to find a deeper purpose.


Marc Allen put together his new book, Tantra for the West to help us understand life on a deeper level, maybe to find that contentment (however you see it), maybe happiness or maybe just a little understanding of how to enjoy your life. Marc explains how the word Tantra is about living in the now, how to appreciate each moment and how to push aside smaller forms of energy that affect our lives so much like anger, frustration, anxiety and more.

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This is the actual conversation I had with Lou before our show and then I added some of the audio of our conversation after the show and pieced together so you could listen to the valauble information Lou had to share before and after our conversation. For the full show click here:

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Living healthy is hard isn't it? I'm being serious here. We all know what it's like to try, try harder, and try again and see little results.  Think about all the changes you have to make when living a healthy lifestyle. You pretty much have to turn your entire life around, some entirely change everything.

We have to change our mind set, our approach to real health instead of a fad or diet, we need to realize we're in it for the long haul and that small steps are sustainable and that anything that comes easily will likely leave just as easily.

But just because it's hard, (I'm sure we're all in agreement on this one) doesn't mean it's okay not to try, not to put your best foot forward, not to get back up each and every time you get knocked down. The truth is we have excuses.

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It was an absolute pleasure having Diana Lang on show to talk about her book Opening to Meditation. We haven't actually had this topic on the show before which I feel is kind odd except that I feel that we were actually waiting for Diana's interview.

It's an absolute breath of fresh air to hear Diana's perspective and how she talks about meditation. How 5 mins a day is okay to start with, how there are many different forms of meditation and to hear the passion and enthusiasm in her voice as she explains the unending benefits that meditations has to offer.

Diana Lang is the author of Opening to Meditation and the owner and director of the Lifeworks Center for Growth in Los Angeles, where she lives. She is also active in a variety of nonprofit international efforts to teach meditation and yoga.

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Sometimes I feel that dad's get a bad wrap simply because in the recent past it seems more like single mothers are more likely to raise a child. Then of course we forget about all the fathers do a great job of raising their children. You even see more and more single father's in the today's day in age.

I had some very influential men in my life growing up that helped me turn into the person I am and I have friends that are incredibly caring and loving new fathers that are going to raise the bar for the next generation of parents.

I feel like in this day in age there's a whole lot of pressure to be a parent. I truly believe we are products of our environment so will it being the norm to get married young and have children what's one to think even they aren't sure or aren't ready to be a parent.

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In this day in age I believe most of us have the mind set of more. We want more things instead of considering where it will go after it breaks and how the environment will be affected. We want bigger, louder, better when we don't think about quality over quantity. What about less instead of more and keep the 'better'?

And I'm not just talking about the thing we have, I'm talking about the way we go about life. What about looking at better quality food because it will give us the energy we need, what about a quality workout which could be shorter and efficient and you could get more out of it because it represents quality not quantity?

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Marion Nestle is Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health (the department she chaired from 1988-2003) and Professor of Sociology at New York University. Her degrees include a Ph.D. in molecular biology and an M.P.H. in public health nutrition, both from the University of California, Berkeley. 

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Here is another show I pieced together with Troy asking me questions in studio on Food, Drinks, Maintenance and Injuries.

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Here is another show I pieced together with Troy asking me questions in studio on Food, Drinks, Maintenance and Injuries.

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It's hard to believe 4 years ago I came into this town I'm now living in with only a thought of running a business and looking for a way to market. It was difficult trying to get started, it seems like when you come into a small town (at least this one) many are closed off to the 'new guy'.  

As difficult as it was, I knocked on doors of gyms in the area but no one seemed interested in having me around. I found a list of health and wellness businesses in the area, called each one of them but found little interest as well. Not to be deterred, the truth is I didn't have another option, there really wasn't any turning back. If I was going to make a run at putting food on the table through my own business I had to push forward.

I knew I had to find different ways to market, so I went in the studio and presented them with an offer of trading services. This idea wasn't exactly welcomed but after I continued to persist an offer was returned to me to host a 15 minute health and wellness show.  

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Are you aging or evolving? Have you ever thought about it, have you thought about the difference? This all has to do with our mind set and what we accept in this life. Do we feel it's acceptable for our health to decline as we get older? Do we feel like less mobility is on the way? If we change our mind set, if we push those limiting beliefs to the side, we'll soon realize the only thing that holds us back is our mind. And we'll understand we evolve as we get older, not age.

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It was an absolute pleasure having Lou on the show talking about his 4 principles. Lou really is a fountain of unending information. So much so that we actually have 20 mins of BONUS material for you! Lou has an incredible story of how he healed himself from numerous health issues in which no one had answers to. Once Lou started to clean up his life and implement what he now teaches as his 4 principles he started to naturally heal himself and get rid of all the dis-ease in his body.

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Recently my email account was hacked and not only did 'I' send out many spam emails to all of my contacts but I was receiving them as well. First of all, my sincerest apologies to anyone that was contacted and may have had their day disrupted because of this.  It pretty much took up an entire day for me to fix this issue with changing passwords, apologizing and clearing up what shouldn't have come from my account.

It makes me think how vulnerable we all are. At times I feel like I live in my inbox, it's how I communicate. Email is how I talk to clients, set up interviews, have conversations with friends and family and in an instant someone or something negatively disrupted all of that.

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Today on Exploring Mind and Body Kim Campbell joins me for an interview all about their Plantpure Nation movement. Now, not only is this a study and cookbook but it's a documentary as well. Kim is the daughter in law to Dr. T. Colin Campbell author of the China Study and creator of The Plantpure Nation cook book. For more details about Kim you can find them Kim Campbell.

Direct download: EPISODE_195_Plantpure_Nation.mp3
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It's funny how we spend out entire lives chasing material possessions isn't it? Then we wake up one day, we're a little bit older and wiser and we figure out material possessions don't make us happy. The only thing that makes us happy is family and friends and what we contribute to the world. But that doesn't matter now, now does it. 

We want bigger houses, fancier cars, shinier jewelry (the ones that come in the blue box). All the while all we're doing is masking who we are, we're hiding behind material possessions thinking more things will make us happier when all the while we know deep down, new things doesn't fulfill any deep need or want we're looking for.

Direct download: chasing_material_possessions.mp3
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The Power of Accountability is incredible because it seems as thought with a little accountability we could accomplish great things. This topic came because of a story I want to share with you coming from one of my clients. Now most of us know the pressure of being in a work environment where co-workers and even customers and clients are bringing in all types of goodies, treats and unhealthy snacks. So my clients to me when someone offers them something unhealthy, they say 'no thank you, if I eat that, I'll have to tell Drew I ate that'.

I thought this was so simple it's genius. Here's the issue, many of us know what it feels like when we eat something unhealthy. We feel guilt, we usually get a sugar boost, then a crash, have little energy and struggle to get through the day. There's a good majority of people that actually want to avoid this but problem is, we have so much external pressure to try this or eat that so we don't hurt someone's feelings.

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This interview on Energetic EyeHealing with Dr. Roberto Kaplan was an absolute pleasure. I've been looking for an eye expert for quite some time and feel so fortunate I came across Dr. Kaplan.  Here's the issue, we as a society accept our eye health to decline as we age, which isn't much different than our expectations regarding our overall health.  I wanted to find someone that had the same beliefs as I did and could explain how we can actually improve our health naturally. I'm quite certainly, I wouldn't be able to find anyone better for the job.

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Course you're not exactly able to hide behind windows but I feel that many of us try to hide in the open. We try to hide who we really are when all the while most can see right through us. And even if they can't, this about how difficult it is, think about how much energy it takes to front a smile all the time. How much energy you spend masking who you really are.

I believe each one of us have a gift to share with the world and it starts with out own authentic selves. I feel that many of us have hidden talents that we don't share with the world because we're afraid of what others might think. It's certainly not easy letting yourself be vulnerable to judgment, disapproval or naysayers.

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Personally, I believe we can look at increased stress rates, weight gain and even injuries to how we internalize issues in our lives (Internalizing - Stress, Injuries and Weight Gain). The issue is, something stressful comes up in our life, we may have been wronged, disrespected, hurt or embarrassed. The initial action isn't the issue, the issue is how we deal with the emotions that arise from a situations like this.

Some people can let go and move on, others are hurt for a period of time and then also move on, but a good majority of us hold on tightly to those hurt feelings, and internalize them. We push this situations and these feelings down so deep we may have them inside us for years, even our entire lives without addressing them.

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Reduce stress with breathing and nutrition with my guest Dr. Cinythia Ackrill. Dr. Ackrill earned her B.S. at Duke University and M.D. At the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and practiced primary care medicine for over a decade. She then spent another 10 years studying brain mapping, neurofeedback, and biofeedback for a variety of mood and behavior challenges, including stress. Fascinated by how humans struggle with behavior choice and change, she went on to certify in wellness coaching and leadership coaching.

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So I was sitting in my house the other day and just finished drinking a green smoothie. Then I looked to my left and on the table I noticed a new green plant I just picked up at a local farmers market. Then I saw a basil plant a friend just gave me on the window sill. Finally I thought about all the green food in the fridge, how I just made a real fruit post workout drink and how we just finished with a this Vegan Detox Challenge.

I felt like everywhere I looked I was surrounded by life. Plants, and green food and everything that represented life in some form. Then I started to think about the opposite, what didn't represent life in my life and how I could continue to put more things in my life to make me feel more alive an vibrant.

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Spring is here and there's no better time than to take advantage of a fresh start with spring right now! Motivation is high, the birds are chirping, the grass is literally greener and it's time to start fresh. It doesn't matter if it's a workout program or eating better; you could clean out the house, have a garage sale or get away from the ordinary. I have all kinds of examples and reasons why it's important to take advantage of this moment right now.

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Anita Parker has a long list of credentials that include a Bachelor of Science, a Bacehlor of Education and along with an AFLCA instructor who certifies trainers she has taught fitness classes, yoga and more for over 20 years. It's an absolute pleasure to have Anita on the show and share this interview with you.

I love the topic of get fit with gratitude because I personally believe coming from a place of gratitude we can be more successful in all areas of life, so why not fitness as well. Without boring you, Anita talks about how our bodies actually chemically change by having a mindset of appreciation.  She also goes over numerous benefits that will actually show you how you can get fit with gratitude.

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Psychotherapist Susan Anderson is the author of Taming Your Outer Child, as well as The Journey from Abandonment to Healing (over 125,000 copies sold). The founder of the Outer Child and Abandonment Recovery movements, she has devoted the past 30 years of clinical experience and research to helping people resolve abandonment and overcome self-sabotage. Visit her online at

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Setting up your day for success is one of the most important things you can do. We all know what it's like to wake up late, scramble to get to the office and when we get there we have so many things to do we don't know where to start. Not only that but we're usually doing things for everyone else, and not doing the things we need to get done for ourselves.

In this show I talk about tips to start your day out right, to plan ahead of time and even know exactly what you're doing the next day, the night before.

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Who you let in your life in large part is whom you become. It's absolutely essential to moving forward in life to pay attention to who you let in your life if you'd like to progress and become that person you want to be. Without a doubt, every single person that comes into your life either positively affects you or negatively affects you. Everything from your thoughts words and actions are affected by your surroundings, so choose wisely.

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Why do we treat our loved ones worse than we treat perfect strangers? It sounds funny, maybe even odd but it's the truth. And I'm not saying we should treat strangers any worse, we should be kind to everyone equally but especially those we love most. Those that mean more to us, those that we love should be treated with love and respect but instead we take out our anger and frustration on those we love the most.  It would be a good idea to consider how we treat others no matter who they are or what they mean to us.

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Making Healthy Choices in a progressive manner is the key to making lifestyle changes. Small steps are sustainable steps and here's how to take them.

Show notes:

  • Conditioned response
  • Ivan Povlov
  • Habits
  • Progressive steps
  • There is no 'Aha!' moment when it comes to health
  • Genetically Modified Foods
  • How I personally healed myself
  • Try something new if what you've been doing hasn't been working
  • Recipe - quinoa with cashew/nutritional yeast sauce, Chinese broccoli and avocado
  • How to deal with naysayers
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Q & A and Exercise Nutrition Hydration and Stress

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My Top 4 Tips on how to fight cravings!

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Child obesity is a major issue in today's day in age. We have highly processed food, refined sugar in just about everything, and I really believe we can and should do more about it. Scary that this is the first time the younger generation is not expected to outlive their parents.

Scary that major dis-ease is now being found in children that not too long ago was only found in adults. When it comes down to it, the only place to look is at each one of us, each adult, each person individually that needs to take control of their health; not only their health but their children as well.

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Tonight on Exploring Mind and Body, I'm talking about Taking Control of Your Health. There will come a time in all of our lives when nothing else matters but our health. Unfortunately we spend much of our lives focused on 'priorities' that can become so insignificant in an instant.

I talk about prevention, food, exercise, nutrition and more than anything, my experience with understanding how precious life really is and how we should protect it with everything we have in every way we can.

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So many times in life we put ourselves last, we don't believe we deserve to be better or live a better life, and more thank anything we feel like we don't have time for ourselves. This love yourself detox is to show you that you are worth it, that you deserve to be happy and healthy and that you do have time but more so that you are able to make time for yourself.

This love detox is an absolute eye opener when it comes to the way you treat yourself. Truthfully we treat our one body, the only body we have like a waste dump. We walk around more stressed out that it's hard for us to think straight, we snap at the littlest things because we're worried about everything else; we sleep seldom because of stress, the toxins we put in our body and with what we surround ourselves with being noise and our environment.

It's time take some time for yourself, it's time to show yourself you can make time, you do have time and it's time to help yourself understand you are worth it!

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In this show I talk about how I was successfully able to slow my metabolism and gain 15lbs of muscle, which means if you do the exact opposite of what I did, you'll be able to increase your metabolism, drop inches and lose weight. Not only that but gain energy, sleep better and feel stronger.

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Dealing with emotional stress is something that we'll all have to deal with because it doesn't matter how stress free we live outside circumstances play a role in our lives. It could be family, friends or co-workers; regardless of the situation emotional stress enters our lives for one reason or another.

In this post I talk about the emotional stress in my life and how I'm dealing with it.

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Given that March Madness is here and it's Final 4 season, I wanted to talk about athletes, dreams and not letting anything get in your way.

I feel that far too many of us have the mind set of 'sometimes life gets in the way', which I've actually personally heard before. To be quite honest, I feel like those words and mind set is a cop out or an excuse to really put yourself out there; to jump in with two feet, 100% no questions asked.

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Today I have the pleasure of interviewing best selling author and health and wellness advocate Tosca Reno. To be honest this was an almost surreal experience given that I was reading articles Tosca was putting together in the Oxygen Magazine almost 20 years ago.

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In this interview I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Christina Ross author of Love Fed who talks about living a raw lifestyle. Christina begins the interview by telling her story of how she became a raw foodist. She was encouraged by her now husband (Alex) to follow her love and passion and this is where she was brought to (as an author and food advocate). After a two week challenge Christina immediate began to feel the benefits of mainly consuming raw foods which had her hooked! Those two weeks turned into a lifestyle and now an educator or living raw.

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