Censorship is a special word especially at this time in the world. Personally I feel like our countries have been built on freedom of speech and being able to say what you think is right.

Unfortunately, that right seems to be more and more in danger. However in this podcast I'm going to argue that in this situation censorship is a good thing.

Here's my main point, is that because of big media like google, Youtube, Facebook, IG, etc. no longer allow you to say what you want. They reduce the algorithms, they suspend accounts without notice, they literally take down posts and videos.....

Most of us know this is happening and it's all happening if and when you say something they don't want you to say. If you go against the narrative or say something that they don't believe in or what they are paid to believe in, then you suffer the consequences.

That being said, there are more and more companies popping up that believe in freedom of speech which I'm excited about. For example many people are going to telegram and away from Facebook which is another messenger app much like Whatsapp. Keep in mind Whatsapp is also owned by Facebook who recently changed their name to Meta.

There is Rumble and Odysee both uncensored video platforms which is also awesome, so more people are going away from all the censorship of Youtube and looking for other options.

What I'm saying here is, all the censorship they are doing, is pushing people away which is a good thing, gives them less of the market share and pushing people towards better options in my opinion.

So don't fear those that are worried about freedom of speech, there are other solutions on the rise. And I strongly encourage you to switch over and support those platforms instead of these highly censored ones.

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Scott Malin is a best-selling health and fitness expert. Scott's extremely popular fitness, rehab and nutrition videos have received over 11.5 million views on You Tube. Scott has an extensive background in personal training (National Academy of Sports Medicine), working with celebrities and athletes for many years. He has been featured on the news as a fitness expert and most recently appeared on ABC, KTLA News and KDOC TV.

Scott first became obsessed with health and fitness when he sustained a serious low back injury playing basketball about fifteen years ago, which left him laid up in bed for six months. He began a long journey of learning how to heal himself without drugs or surgery. Along the way, he realized that the best way to rehab the body is to work with its natural healing process instead of against it.

Scott developed MALIN METHOD, a revolutionary way to heal the body naturally and safely. Using scientific research as his guide and real world training as his testing ground, Scott stripped away the long held beliefs of ineffective treatments like ice and prolonged rest and replaced them with scientifically backed healing strategies that quickly and effectively reduce swelling, bruising and pain. MALIN METHOD also dramatically increases strength, stability and healthy range of motion, which significantly reduces the risk of future injury.

MALIN METHOD has taught over 100,000 people of all ages how to rehabilitate their bodies and get out pain naturally and safely. Scott's system is super easy to do at home and does not require any equipment.

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Most people don’t consider the health benefits when it comes to veggies, which is exactly what this category is. Just before this section I did talk about vegetables but let’s offer a slightly different angle to help you understand the importance here.

The reason we call it the forgotten macronutrient is because many people actually and literally forget about it. What’s for dinner, ‘steak and potatoes’. What about a roast, or even ‘fried chicken’, and how about a ‘fish and chips’.

Those are all staples in the SAD (Standard (North) American Diet). When is veggies listed, almost never likely because it makes kids and adults skin crawl all the same

Most likely because many didn’t grow up with veggies being a staple in their diet. Most people don’t know how to buy, prepare, or even store vegetables. Lucky for you, if you didn’t learn that growing up, you’ll be going through this program to teach you exactly that.

As of more recently a plant based diet has been gaining positive exposure and momentum in the field of health. It’s hard to pass by all the documented research, scientific evidence and case studies especially those that are now medication free after living a mostly plant based diet.

No it’s not for everyone, and even though I live a plant based diet I still enjoy meat or animal products once in awhile. Which is why you’ll see meat scattered throughout the meal plan. Not nearly as much as most would like. But remember to come in with an open and see what happens.

Some people have never even considered less meat in the diet. And some people have never even tried a supper meal without meat. My reply to that is, how do you know how you’ll feel without having meat in your diet if you never try?

You may just feel better than you ever have! But let me come back to meat in that ‘protein section’.

In my opinion most veggies are good for you. Of course we could talk most about spraying veggies with chemicals and growing specific seeds which I briefly mentioned in the GMO section. Which I recommend you stay away, like soy and corn.

After we eliminate GMO foods, the next step you may consider is eating organic fruits and veggies. Now let me mention I understand the health benefits of buying organic, but I also understand not everyone can buy organic all the time.

For those people that want to try some organic food to get started I’d recommend buying organic when it comes to the dirty dozen. What are the dirty dozen, they are the most heavily sprayed fruits and vegetables.

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Paul Shapiro is the author of the national bestseller Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World (published by Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books in 2018). He's also the CEO of The Better Meat Co., a four-time TEDx speaker, the host of the Business for Good Podcast, and a long-time leader in food sustainability.

Paul is an authority figure on food and agricultural sustainability. He is a regular podcast guest and has been invited on hundreds of news outlets, including StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson, The Rich Roll Podcast, and CNN.

He’s also published hundreds of articles ranging from daily newspapers such as The Washington Post to pop-sci publications like Scientific American as well as magazines like FORTUNE and academic journals.

Shapiro lives in Sacramento, California with his wife Toni Okamoto Shapiro, author and founder of Plant-Based on a Budget, and their very friendly pit bull, Eddie.

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