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Join Drew and Dorothy on the eleventh episode of the D&D Morning Show as they dive into the nostalgic and delicious world of cereal! In this exciting episode, aptly titled "Cereal," our hosts explore the wide variety of cereals available, share their personal favorites, and discuss the fascinating history and cultural impact of this beloved breakfast staple.

Tune in to discover the countless options and flavors that cereal has to offer. Drew and Dorothy will take you on a flavorful journey, discussing classic favorites, healthier alternatives, and unique cereal creations that are sure to pique your interest.

During the episode, our hosts delve into the nutritional aspects of cereal, providing insights into fiber, vitamins, and minerals found in various cereal choices. They also offer valuable tips on how to make informed choices when selecting cereals that align with your dietary preferences and health goals.

But it doesn't stop at just pouring milk over a bowl of cereal! Drew and Dorothy explore creative ways to enjoy cereal beyond breakfast. From incorporating it into desserts, snacks, and even savory recipes, they'll inspire you to think outside the bowl and discover exciting new ways to incorporate cereal into your culinary adventures.

With their signature humor and dynamic chemistry, Drew and Dorothy make this episode a delightful and engaging experience. So, grab your favorite cereal bowl, pour yourself a generous serving, and join the D&D Morning Show as they celebrate the joy and versatility of cereal.

Remember, you can catch this episode on all major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more. Get ready to embark on a cereal-filled journey with the D&D Morning Show, where the possibilities are endless and breakfast becomes an adventure!

Don't miss out on this mouthwatering episode that will leave you craving a bowl of your favorite cereal. Tune in and let the D&D Morning Show make your mornings even more delightful.

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Dr. Jeff Crippen’s mission is to live life to the fullest and help others do the same.
He is a Chiropractor, nutritionist and coach who enjoys helping others unlock their true potential.
His passion stems from his own personal struggles.
At age six, he began suffering from migraines. For the next seven years, his headaches continued to worsen despite the best medical care he and his family could find. At his lowest point, Jeff had a debilitating headache that lasted — without so much as a day of relief — for over two years.
At age 13, he found the powerful combination of chiropractic and individualized nutritional care. By combining these two powerful forces, he was able to unlock his own ability to heal.
For the last decade, Jeff has helped clients both through chiropractic care and nutrition at his wellness clinic in Saint Jo, Texas as well as through individualized mindset coaching with the Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center. He finds a holistic approach — optimizing spirit, mind, and body — the most efficient and effective way to create a lifetime of timeless you-th.
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Episode 600 of Exploring Mind and Body, hosted by Drew Taddia, delves into the topic of leveling up one's fitness game, with a specific focus on the challenges faced by busy moms in achieving their desired fitness results. Drew begins by expressing gratitude for the loyal listeners and the global reach of the show. He then explains that the episode's content was taken from one of his Facebook Live sessions, highlighting his recent acquisition of a new microphone for improved audio quality.

The majority of the show's audience consists of busy moms, and Drew addresses their common concern of not seeing desired fitness outcomes. He explains that emotional investment is crucial for achieving results, and one key factor influencing emotional investment is financial investment. Drew emphasizes that the abundance of free fitness content online often leads people to undervalue it. Many individuals have only dabbled in fitness, trying occasional workouts or seeking advice from friends and family, without committing to a structured program or hiring a coach.

Drew emphasizes the importance of commitment and investment in achieving fitness goals. He recounts personal experiences where he provided programs to friends and family at no cost, resulting in little effort and zero results due to the lack of financial and emotional investment. Drawing parallels to top athletes, successful businesspeople, and skilled speakers, Drew highlights that the best performers in any field have coaches guiding and supporting them. He introduces the concept of "leveling up," where increased investment correlates with greater results and improvement.

In closing, Drew encourages listeners to engage with the show's content and visit the Facebook page to express their appreciation. Exploring Mind and Body promises an insightful and engaging discussion on what it takes to elevate one's fitness game and overcome the challenges faced by busy moms.

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Join Drew and Dorothy on the D&D Morning Show as they dive into the wonderful world of apple sauce in the tenth episode, appropriately titled "Apple Sauce." In this episode, our hosts explore the many benefits of apple sauce, discuss when and how to substitute it in various recipes, and provide creative ideas for incorporating it into your culinary adventures.

During this delightful episode, Drew and Dorothy shed light on the nutritional advantages of apple sauce, highlighting its natural sweetness, fiber content, and potential health benefits. They explore the versatility of apple sauce as a substitute for ingredients like oil or eggs in baking, offering valuable insights for those seeking healthier alternatives in their favorite recipes.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, this episode will inspire you to experiment with apple sauce in your kitchen. Drew and Dorothy share tips and tricks for seamlessly incorporating apple sauce into both sweet and savory dishes, from baked goods like muffins and cakes to glazes, marinades, and more.

By the end of the episode, you'll have a deeper understanding of the benefits of apple sauce, practical knowledge on when and how to substitute it, and a wealth of creative ideas for elevating your culinary creations. Drew and Dorothy's witty banter and warm personalities will make this educational journey all the more enjoyable.

So, grab a seat at the virtual table and tune in to the D&D Morning Show's "Apple Sauce" episode. Get ready to explore the delicious possibilities and discover a newfound appreciation for this versatile ingredient that will undoubtedly add a touch of sweetness and healthfulness to your cooking.

Remember, you can catch this episode on all major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more. So, don't miss out on this apple sauce extravaganza with the D&D Morning Show. Bon appétit!

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Join Drew and Dorothy as they take you on an exciting adventure through the vibrant streets of NYC in this special episode of the D&D Morning Show! Get ready to experience the energy, culture, and unique charm of the Big Apple as our hosts bring you a delightful dose of wellness and fun right from the heart of the city.

In this episode aptly titled "NYC," Drew and Dorothy share their unforgettable experiences and insights gained during their visit to the city that never sleeps. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as they discuss health and wellness hotspots, hidden gems, and local favorites that they discovered along the way.

From invigorating workouts in iconic Central Park to savoring delicious and nutritious meals at trendy New York eateries, our hosts provide a firsthand account of how to stay healthy and maintain balance amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. They'll share their favorite fitness spots, wellness tips for travelers, and the joy of exploring NYC's wellness scene.

As always, Drew and Dorothy bring their infectious enthusiasm and vibrant personalities to the episode, making it an entertaining and captivating experience. So, whether you're a New Yorker seeking fresh inspiration or an adventurer planning your own trip to the city, this episode of the D&D Morning Show is sure to leave you inspired, motivated, and ready to embrace the magic of NYC.

Tune in and join Drew and Dorothy as they bring you the essence of NYC, right to your ears. Get ready for an episode filled with exciting stories, insightful tips, and a celebration of the dynamic spirit of the Big Apple. Don't miss out on this extraordinary journey as the D&D Morning Show takes on NYC!

Remember, you can catch this episode on all major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more. So, grab your headphones and immerse yourself in the NYC adventure with the D&D Morning Show.

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Dr. Rob Carpenter - known simply as Dr. Rob - is a #1 bestselling author, UCLA faculty member, and creative leader whose goal is to empower and equip others to live their happiest, most successful, and most transformational lives. He has written the books The 48 Laws of HappinessIcons & Legends, and Red Carpet Manuscript, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, and other retailers worldwide, as well as written for The Harvard Public Health Review and Oxford Business Review.

Dr. Rob has spoken or lectured at countless institutions, including South by Southwest EDU, TEDx, Harvard University's Chan School of Public Health, the Hun School of Princeton, and maintains clients for which he delivers keynote speeches and workshops in the entertainment, business, and nonprofit fields. He has also appeared on the Hollywood shows and movies of NCIS, BallersScandalLethal Weapon, and Bird Box, and directed feature documentary films and public service announcements.

He is currently partnered with Academy Award winning producer Andrew Carlberg on a limited series television project and Emmy Award winning writer Kayona Ebony Brown on a series called "Dear Underdog." 

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In this episode of Exploring Mind and Body, your host Drew Taddia delves into the crucial topic of finding a fitness program that is tailored to suit your unique needs. Many individuals often find themselves in a predicament where they embark on random programs simply because they were on sale or happened to be convenient. However, such haphazard approaches rarely yield the desired results and can leave us feeling stuck and frustrated despite our efforts.

Drew shares his insights and provides valuable guidance on how to break free from this cycle and discover the specific fitness program that aligns with your goals and aspirations. By tuning in, you'll learn how to navigate through the overwhelming choices, avoid common pitfalls, and make an informed decision that sets you up for long-term success.

So, if you're tired of feeling like you're spinning your wheels without making progress or unsure how to find the right fitness routine amidst the sea of options, this episode is a must-listen. Get ready to sit back, relax, and unlock the secrets to transforming your fitness journey. Join us on Exploring Mind and Body and embark on a path towards True Form Life.

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Welcome to the eighth episode of the D&D Morning Show, where Drew and Dorothy dive deep into the delicious world of bread! In this episode, aptly titled "Let's Talk About Bread," our hosts take you on a mouthwatering journey exploring various aspects of this beloved staple.

Join Drew and Dorothy as they uncover the secrets behind different types of bread, from fluffy artisanal loaves to hearty whole grains. They discuss the art of breadmaking, sharing tips and techniques to achieve that perfect rise and crust. Whether you're a seasoned baker or a bread enthusiast looking to get started, this episode will leave you inspired to create your own delectable creations.

But it's not just about baking techniques—Drew and Dorothy delve into the nutritional aspects of bread as well. They discuss the different types of flour, their health benefits, and how to choose the best options for your dietary needs. From gluten-free alternatives to sourdough's gut-friendly properties, they cover it all, ensuring that bread lovers of all kinds can find something to suit their preferences.

Additionally, our hosts explore the versatility of bread beyond the sandwich realm. They share innovative and mouthwatering ideas for using bread in various recipes, such as French toast, bread pudding, and croutons, transforming humble slices into culinary delights.

As always, Drew and Dorothy bring their infectious humor and vibrant personalities to the episode, making it an entertaining and enjoyable experience from start to finish. So, grab your favorite cup of tea, settle in, and prepare to tantalize your taste buds as you listen to the D&D Morning Show's "Let's Talk About Bread."

Remember, you can catch this episode on all major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more. If visuals are your thing, head over to the D&D Morning Show's YouTube channel for the full video experience.

Get ready for an episode filled with laughter, knowledge, and a deep appreciation for the wonders of bread. Tune in, and let the D&D Morning Show be your guide to a delightful and fulfilling wellness journey.

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