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We couldn't be more grateful to have you tuning in with us today to learn about manufacturing supplements. I know that might sound a bit dry to some people, but I also feel like it's a pretty important topic because when you're going to buy supplements, you should know where they come from.

You should know who you're supporting, what type of ingredients, what type of ethics are happening in and around the products that are being manufactured for you.

For example, you go to box stores, but if you go to independent, specialized companies, it's completely different. I'm going to go over that on today's show. I'm going to give you some insights of what happens, the inside scoop, and what happens when you're trying to manufacture and design your own products.

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Today we've got a different kind of format. I always like to throw things at the wall to see what sticks. I also like to switch things up, not only for my benefit, because I don't like things to be stagnant, but for yours as well that we do something completely different. 

This show is a bunch of little snippets, so if you guys aren't quite familiar with us on social media, that's what we do. We're all over social media. We do lives, we do reels, we do stories, we do posts, and we've been doing that for years. That's kind of how we have grown our business, fortunately, and Reels is kind of the thing right now. 

Everyone's doing reels, so we got to do reels too. So obviously how social media works, they push the algorithms to do the kind of things that they want you to do for whatever reason. I think honestly tiktok's blown up, so everyone's kind of copying. 

But at any rate, what I've done here is, we've put together 30 to 60 second clips we grabbed them from social media and we threw them together in a show. I think they're pretty good clips. You may disagree, but I thought, why not throw those together in a show podcast audio format only so you guys can listen. 

So you're going to hear a bunch of different clips and they'll be splitters in between, so you'll know that there's different topics. But my take on random topics that are going on, not just health and wellness, but around the world as well, because some things just don't make sense. At any rate, I hope you enjoy!

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I appreciate you going to hang out with me as I talk about a very different subject. I feel like I'm talking about different subjects for quite some time now, when I say nothing less than conventional thinking, that's what the show is all about, Exploring Mind and Body. 

I'm talking about kids sharing pictures on social media, possibly exposing your kids and your children. I know a lot of you are going agree with this, but people don't go with most of what I say. So what's the difference?

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So recently, I made a bold statement. I stood up on my reel and said, You know what? I don't support Tim Hortons. 

We were going to a coffee shop and I had a friend that said, Hey, let's go to Starbucks. I'm like, I don't want to go to Starbucks. I don't really want to pay $8 for a coffee. I don't really like coffee to begin with, or to pay six bucks for a tea and I can't even pronounce their words. 

So I was like, man, I don't really want to go to Starbucks. And then then he's like, Well, let's go to Tim Hortons. I'm like, No, I'm not going to Tim Hortons. I said, Don't support Tim Hortons. And he said, Why? And so I explained it to him. And then I did a quick reel on social media. 

I'm also going to talk about segregation. I'm going to talk about what happened in the last couple of years. Some people aren't going to want to hear about it. It's so much easier to bury your head in the sand and pretend nothing has happened or nothing did happen. It seems like so much has just been forgotten about. 

And so, yeah, let's do it. Let's get dirty. We're going to talk about some politics. We're going to talk about what's right and wrong. We're going to talk about what, in my opinion, was good and bad and maybe we can do something about it.

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