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When it comes to macronutrients it always interests how most people are obsessed with one of the macronutrients. You’ll often hear someone say, “I need to get protein, I don’t have enough protein, where do you get your protein from?”

Then you have the fats people won’t touch because they think fats, regardless of what kind will actually make them gain weight (which certainly isn’t the case as you’ll read in the fats section below).

And then there’s the carbs people who are afraid of them, heard bad things about them, won’t touch them, try every carb depletion diet there is and wonder why they don’t have any energy throughout the day.

I should mention I’m not against any type of eating, as you’ll read shortly, I teach this way because I live this way and I feel that everyone should do what’s best for them.

However I also feel people remove important nutrients from their diet because of misinformation, lack of information or because a celebrity tried it to lose weight or because the local news did a story on it and it looked like a great idea.

Let me explain the balance of macronutrients that I like to live by.

The 4 macronutrients include: healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, protein and what we call the hidden macronutrients which are antioxidants/fibre.

It’s my belief that you need every macronutrient to live a healthy lifestyle and to have a well rounded balanced nutritional intake. You’ll notice each macronutrient has a different reason to consume it with various health benefits.

We are well aware there are many different philosophies when it comes to nutrition and food consumption. I teach how I live, and as I’ve progressed over the years, with improved digestion, more energy and feeling fantastic even after my age continues to go up (unfortunately), I’m feeling better and better as I continue to live this way.

And to each their own, there shouldn’t be one way to learn, one way to eat or one way to live. Everyone has to do what’s best for them. Not everyone is going to live in one single cookie cutter format of eating.

However I can tell you that over the years I’ve seen incredible results from teaching this way, which reinforces that I’m on the right track, which inspires me to continue down this path and continue to teach more people how to live a healthy lifestyle in this manner.

If you want more details on macronutrients you can listen to this series of episodes:

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This show is a bunch of little snippets, so if you guys aren’t quite familiar with us on social media, that’s what we do. We’re all over social media. We do lives, we do reels, we do stories, we do posts, and we’ve been doing that for years. That’s kind of how we have grown our business, fortunately, and Reels is kind of the thing right now.

Everyone’s doing reels, so we got to do reels too. So obviously how social media works, they push the algorithms to do the kind of things that they want you to do for whatever reason. I think honestly tiktok’s blown up, so everyone’s kind of copying.

But at any rate, what I’ve done here is, we’ve put together 30 to 60 second clips we grabbed them from social media and we threw them together in a show. I think they’re pretty good clips. You may disagree, but I thought, why not throw those together in a show podcast audio format only so you guys can listen.

So you’re going to hear a bunch of different clips and they’ll be splitters in between, so you’ll know that there’s different topics. But my take on random topics that are going on, not just health and wellness, but around the world as well, because some things just don’t make sense. At any rate, I hope you enjoy!

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Today we're talking about grocery store tips. There's a lot of people that are struggling with groceries and rightly so. Prices have gone up dramatically or drastically.

So today, let's talk about grocery store tips, how to save money. The best way to go about collecting your groceries for the week and much, much more.

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Technology is a crazy thing, isn't it? Technology is taking over. I mean, let's be real. You can't really avoid it. 

Technology has come so far, leaps and bounds from where it used to, and there's no stopping it. 

I feel like technology's taken over and there's so much to talk about.

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We all know what it's like to not feel the best after the holiday season. An extra drink or two here, late nights and more desserts and appetizers that we're used to. Which means it's time for some holiday detox tips! 

How can we get our bodies and digestion back on track? How do we start feeling better about ourselves and cleanse properly without toxic teas, powders or potions. 

In this show we talk about green salads and kombucha, green smoothies and morning routines. It's time to get back on track and here's how to do it!

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