You know what’s sad, is that grown adults still bully.  What may be worse, grown adults allow themselves to be bullied.  I mean when you’re a child it’s hard to understand what’s right and what isn’t. Sure you’re uncomfortable but how can you do anything about it.  I mean, at times it feels like there are so many leaches in this world, people that want to suck the life out of you....

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  • Living a healthy lifestyle all the time
  • Preparing a head of time
  • Booking a kitchen
  • Planning on farmers markets
  • Look to places that are active, the beach, gym’s, yoga, walk, bike
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Here is a short blog post from my True Form Life Facebook page about living your life like it's a vacation.

  • if you structure your life like it's a vacation then what's the difference when you go somewhere else?
  • Full post here


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In this podcast I talk about overcoming being afraid to follow your dreams.  I go over my personal journal of my dreams and where I plan to be.  I hope this show inspires you to over after your dreams as I plan on doing.

Direct download: Following_your_dreams_1.mp3
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So this is basically a trial run, I'd like to see if those that read my True Form Facebook page posts would like the option to listen as well as read.

I'd love to hear what you think if you're a regular reader and if you're a regular listener maybe you'd like to read and check out some of the pictures I post with each write up.

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Forks Over Knives
Direct download: EPISODE_72.mp3
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Reducing Stress, CTP and Detoxify Yourself
Direct download: EPISODE_71_Best_of_2012_2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:26pm MDT

Dan Millman interview Dear Mr. Scale
Direct download: EPISODE_70_Best_of_2012_1.mp3
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-Detoxify Yourself -Fitness Challenge
Direct download: EPISODE_69.mp3
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Food Prep, Recipes and Visualization
Direct download: EPISODE_68.mp3
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Alright so in this episode I want to talk about Complete Truth Protein, as you know they’re a sponsor of the show, you all get an exclusive discount, although I don’t know if I do a great job of letting you know I designed it.  I want to give you some background about it, I want to tell you why I designed and even how.  There are so many different type of proteins out there, why would I design my own?  I want to talk about these other proteins too and let you know how most of them do more harm than good.  I’m also going to tell you what it’s like to design your own product and bring it to market, what the health food industry is like and what direction we’re going with the company

Direct download: EPISODE_152.mp3
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Direct download: EPISODE_67.mp3
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  • chili recipe
  • injuries
  • book dedication
Direct download: EPISODE_66.mp3
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  • Local Chiropractic Michael Lentz
  • How to start an exercise program
Direct download: EPISODE_64.mp3
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Living a Gluten Free lifestyle is a common topic that's growing daily.  We have more and more people gluten intolerant or being diagnosed with celiac disease so I thought today we could shine some light on the subject.  I brought Holistic Nutritionist Nicole Boisvert on the show to talk about living gluten free.  Topic covered:

  • What is celiac disease
  • What's the difference between celiac disease and gluten intolerant
  • The biggest obstacle living gluten free
  • eating out
  • other tips and suggestions
Direct download: EPISODE_151.mp3
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  • Brand New Detox
  • Chaning your state
  • Turkey Leftovers
Direct download: EPISODE_61.mp3
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Bikini Competition Interview

Direct download: EPISODE_60.mp3
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  • Chiropractic Benefits
  • Nutritional Benefits of a pumpkin
  • Thanksgiving Thank You's
Direct download: EPISODE_59.mp3
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How to find your success?

  • Before we can find success we need to define it
  • What is success to you?
  • What would make you feel successful?
  • Write down what success is to you

Look to other areas besides just financial

  • Personal, health, relationship
  • Get in a routine
  • Find success through what you do not the outcome
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Debbie uses a Champion juicer, but says you get what you pay for.  You can buy a more expensive juicer or a lower end one.  Just remember, you don't get all the nutrients from the lowest quality types.

Wheat grass:

In how to juice Debbie also talks about how to grow and harvest wheat grass and finally how to use.  Great topic right here.  Debbie ends up freezing hers is coconut water.....how good does that sound!?

Fermenting Pulp:

So one of the biggest issues of why people don't juice is because of lost nutrients or wasted food.  Debbie talks about how she actually turns her pulp into fermented food.  I love talking about this subject so I'm glad Debbie gave us some advise on how to ferment our own food.

Vacuum Sealing:

Here is an interesting topic and way to preserve your juice so you can take it with you wherever you go!  Debbie talks about how she carries juice with her and how this process makes it easier so she's never without her juice.

Fruit/Veggie ratio:


Direct download: EPISODE_149.mp3
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Brian Leaf author of Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi opens the interview by talking about himself and how he bumped in to practicing Yoga.  I thought it was cool to hear Brian the #1 debater around which (not so cool) lead him to lead a very stressful life.  Which is when he found yoga, relaying that he fell in love at the very first class.

  • I asked Brian if I haven’t fell in love with Yoga just yet, do I any hope to do so.  I think you’ll be surprised at what he had to say.  Honest and real, sometimes there are other things we love. Just because we don’t love one thing (in the case for me yoga), he says, I’m sure there are other things you love to do.
  • I asked Brain how do you forgive and let go as a parenting yogi.  The answer was, to set this act intentionally, put it out there and receive.
  • I loved how Brain talks about learning from our children.  I told him I have the pleasure of teaching a children’s fitness class and always come away with a lesson or story to share with others.
  • Brain says we already know, naturally how to take care of our children.  He talks about trusting your intuition.
  • We talk about how to listen to your children, how to address their issues and give them a voice too.
Direct download: EPISODE_144.mp3
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Life coach, fitness instructor, speaker and author Nathlie P joins us on Exploring Mind and Body to improve your life and talk about the following topics:

  • Where did the 'Think Yourself Thin' idea come from?
  • What is NLP?
  • What are ways we self sabatoge ourselves and how do we prevent this?
  • How can we reprogram our minds to think positively?
  • Explain how there is positive intension behind all human behavior
Direct download: EPISODE_148.mp3
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In this episode I asked you, the listener to send in questions for me to read on air.  We had a ton of great questions.  Some of them include:

  • Juicing
  • Breakfasts
  • positively influencing our children to eat healthy
  • Diets
  • Arthritis
  • and more!
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Today I’m going to talk about being grateful for what we have. This show was in part inspired by our last show #144, paradise in plain sight. I mean, so often we wish we had something, we talk about when we get older, or when we retire when or when we have this or that, when all the while exactly what we want is staring us in the face. Often we have everything we need, we even have everything we’ve ever dreamed of but we’re so busy wanting, we can’t see what’s right in front of us.

Direct download: EPISODE_146.mp3
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Have you ever felt like a book has found you for a reason, have you ever ran into someone that you felt like you were supposed to meet?  Well this this case I feel like both the book (Paradise in Plain Sight) and the author (Karen Maezen Miller) was meant for me to find.

This is my most candid interview to this point.  In fact, Karen and I didn’t officially open the show like I do, there’s absolutely nothing formal about the interview (except for intro, extro and sponsor mentions) but Karen and I talked and laughed and openly had a conversation about her book and life and everything else that come up.

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Being Self Sufficent and Father's Day

Direct download: EPISODE_44.mp3
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Top 5 Tips to Plant Based Nutrition


1. Whole Food over Processed Foods 



2. Pick Plant-Based Foods

3. Stay Away from Artificial Substances


4. Beware of Sensitivity Aggravating Ingredients


5. Eat Local, and Non-GMO and Organic When Possible.

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Lentz Chiropractic and being in a good mood.

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Live it, be that

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Show Notes:

Thomas Williams is an aspiring Olympian who trains at an elite level for his only goal of completing in the Olympics.

  • You might be surprised to hear Thomas talk about how many hours he’s actually on the ice and how much time he puts in as a rising star.  They wake up very early, spend hours on the ice have a 15 minute break and the are back on the ice for a couple more hours.
  • Thomas talks about nutrition and how he supplements his body with food.
  • It’s quite shocking to hear how much it actually costs for Thomas to train full time and how difficult it can be to try and support yourself though this whole process.
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Holistic pain relief is the topic on this episode of Exploring Mind and Body, and today I’m interviewing Dr. Heather Tick her book called Holistic Pain Relieft.  Now I must say to be quite honest with you I was a little weary picking up a book written by a doctor, I was expecting complicated details, explanations I couldn’t understand and more information about medicine than food and lifestyle. I couldn’t have been more wrong, and once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. The title is really what got my attention, and after I started flipping through it and reading the content I was pleasantly surprised to understand that it was about food, lifestyle and even exercise. Holistic pain relief covers such a wide array of health issues, cures and prevention I couldn’t imagine someone picking it up and not getting something out of it.

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Being Kind

My personal Guarantee

Thank you to store owners

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Increasing confidence, True Health Matters, True Lifestyle Detox, Detox

Direct download: EPISODE_52.mp3
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  • Tina Visser interview
  • supporting local businesses
Direct download: EPISODE_53.mp3
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  • Counting Calories
  • Tuna recipe
  • working together
Direct download: EPISODE_54.mp3
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The Benefits of Change

Direct download: EPISODE_55.mp3
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Fitness Competitor Melissa Hammer

Direct download: EPISODE_56.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:32pm MDT

  • Fitness Competitor Stephanie Thomas
  • Gluten free flours
  • Prioritizing
Direct download: EPISODE_57.mp3
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Direct download: EPISODE_137.mp3
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Direct download: EPISODE_136.mp3
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  • Dorothy Keith interview
  • Slow digesting carbs
  • Q&A
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Direct download: EPISODE_135.mp3
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  • Machines vs Bodyweight Exercises
  • Expanding your scope of success
Direct download: EPISODE_62.mp3
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  • Detoxify Yourself Interview
  • Halloween Candy
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Thanks for checking out another show!

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More sleep habits

Facebook action

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease"

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Thanks for checking out another show!

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Thanks for checking out another show!

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Thanks for checking out another show!

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Thanks for checking out another show!

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Thanks for checking out another show!

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Thanks for checking out another show!

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Interview with the producers of this health documentaryPart 1

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Direct download: EPISODE_89.mp3
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Learn all about GMO's on this show!

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The last episode with Jamieson Brown.

Direct download: EPISODE_86.mp3
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Healthy lifestyle success story

Direct download: EPISODE_85.mp3
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Part one of the Jamieson Brown interview

Direct download: EPISODE_84.mp3
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In this show I cover both topics of which is better: Machines or Body weight exercises.

The other topics is how to widen your scope of success.

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This show is directed towards athletes to offer them tips on how to perform better. From weekend wariors to college, this offers a wide arrange of information to help those looking to move forward in athletics.

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From how we talk to what we dress like, environment plays a larger role in our lives than we may like to believe.

Here are some tips on how to use your environment to your advantage.

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imaginations and how to talk to kids

Direct download: EPISODE_80.mp3
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Valentine's Day

Prevention and more!

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Healthy baking

Michale Lentz Chiropractic

Inspiring story

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Top 3 contestants join us for an interview

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Focusing on the positive

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