Ageless Energy

Show Notes:

  • Who is Dr. Klop, how he got interested in Homeopathy
  • Do something fulfilling to get better/back to health
  • Having a sense of purpose helps people live longer
  • Drew Taddia´s personal story- success and failures
  • "If you want to own the island, burn the boats."- Tony Robbins
  • Purpose
    • Everyone has one, even trees have a purpose
    • It´s about connecting your past positive and negative experiences together to find out what propels you forward
    • Yet to be uncovered
  • When facing life challenges, connect back to your purpose
    • We are often overwhelmed with descisions, we spread ourselves too thin and we are not fulfilled
  • What matters to you? What moves you forward?
    • Answering these questions is the key to a longer life
  • Being in service to others
  • Once someone is aware that they have been unaware, they can start to ask and answer some of life´s key questions
    • Why am I here? Is this my legacy? What am I leaving behind? How am I contributing to and bettering myself and the world around me?
    • The awnsers to these questions fertilizes the soil in which you grow.
  • Look back in life and write down your top 5 best experiences, and the top 5 most painful/discouraging experiences
    • To propel yourself forward
    • Use what you have learned to help others grow
  • My purpose is ___, so that ___
    • Ex: My purpose is to help others find their purpose- to live a fully/wholly and healthily, so that they inspire others to do the same
  • Write, think, and talk about your life purpose
  • Create a life that fulfills your purpose
  • Our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves- healing from a foundation level
    • Our "Quick fix" society teaches us to just mask the symptoms - never getting rid of the root of the problem
    • Make changes that treat the root of the problem
  • Eating with fear is just as bad as eating McDonalds
    • Good Food + Bad Mindset = Unhealthy
    • Bad Food + Good Mindset = Healthier
  • Do what works for you
    • Small changes to impact the core of the problem are huge
  • Don´t be afraid to indulge yourself, life is short
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Jonathan Chant works not only on stretching the muscles, but stretching the mind. This episode discusses the unlimited possibilities that come from stomping your limiting beliefs. . . We will discover the stories we make up about why we can’t do certain things and the habits these stories cause us to form. We will then learn how to break these negative habits, and how to instead create consistent, positive, and sustainable ones.

This show will be examining what you really want to do, what has been stopping you from doing it, and what you need to do to make this happen; the path to health, wellness, and feeling great is paved!

Direct download: Jonahan_Chant_radio_-_2016-05-18_8.40_AM.mp3
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I recently had the opportunity to interview Sarah Isley on Exploring Mind and Body as she talked about the toxins in your deodorant. This time she asked me to join her as she interviews me on her up close and personal approach to her company Lonebody.

Show Notes:

  • Did you have an epiphany moment regarding health and wellness?
  • What is your greatest fear and how have you overcome it?
  • Designing my own supplement Complete Truth Protein
  • My favourite 'go to' recipe
  • What is on your bucket list?
  • If you could give anything to anyone at all, what would it be?
  • Going phoneless and why I don't use a cellphone


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Motivation with James Anderson

Direct download: Motivation_with_James_Anderson_-_2016-05-11_11.26_AM.mp3
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Here is a short interview of how some local heroes are working together to help those that have been evacuated from Fort McMurray. 

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Eat Complete with Dr. Drew Ramsey is all about Brain Health and helping you understand that firstly food can improve the health of your brain and secondly which foods can help in which ways. Eat Complete is also jam packed with recipes to help you prepare delicious to improve the health of your brain.

Show Notes: 

  • Importance of food for the brain
  • Nutrients that help the brain grow
  • Science of how depression and anxiety can be fought with food
  • Stop counting calories - 'Don't turn a good meal into a math equation'
  • Nutrient dense foods
  • The rule of Kale
  • Brain healthy foods: potassium, leafy greens, seafood, nuts, beans, dark chocolate
  • 30% of women lack iodine
  • Add Vitamin b12 to your diets along with omega 3 fatty acids
  • Sign up for Dr. Ramsey's FREE 7 day brain boost here.

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In this mind-expanding episode, we explore the ideas of Vishen Lakhiani, and discuss his newly published and brilliant book, “Code of the Extraordinary Mind.” Vishen realized that out of all of the tips to success we are taught in school, the biggest and most important was left out: How to operate on a much higher level of consciousness.

As his life mission to teach humanity these skills, he shares with us how to change our brain waves, increase our happiness by 25% (with just 3 minutes a day), how to improve physical endurance with only your mind, and much more on how to attain this breakthrough mindset.

Show Notes:

  • Interesting story of how he got started, thriving career
  • Meditation
  • Forgiveness- Changing your brain waves, freeing yourself from fear
  • Gratitude- Improves physical body, healing power, 25% happier in 30 days, daily exercise, keeping a journal. 5 things you are grateful for about your personal life, your work life, and yourself.
  • Giving- Evolutionary, strength of human connections,being happy=making others happy
  • Goals- Fake rules of life that have been passed down by generations. Means goals vs. End goals:learning what you are ultimately trying to gain from your goals, and how to get them much faster. Ex: weight loss= intimacy, opening up your possibilities to achieving intimacy in different ways.
  • Unmessable- Learn to be fear proof
  • “Be merciless with your kindness.”
  • Set points- Points of measurement, 50 push ups.

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How to Hack Sleep When Stressed 

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Toxins in Your Deodorant with Sarah Isley is the topic on Exploring Mind and Body. I asked Sarah to come on because after designing your own clean product like Sarah has you know the ins and outs of the industry, you know the time and effort it takes to develop a product and you know the ingredients it takes to find out what works, what others are using and how you can improve on what's out there today.

Show Notes:

  • how grandma started the family into healthy living and ignited a family run chain of health food stores (LOVE this story)
  • what you surround yourself with is what your health will be
  • Vitamin Cottage to Natural Grocers
  • why to stay away from conventional deodorants
  • what toxins are in regular deodorants
  • what you put under your arms
  • toxic substances and lymph nodes

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5 Worst Detoxes Ever was inspired by the constant news I hear about so many try a 3 day detox to improve their health.

I don't agree with short detoxes or fasts, I feel that many times we actually put more stress on our bodies by removing all nutrients and even some toxins. Take sugar for example. We as a society are addicted to sugar, which means if we remove all sugar our bodies go through withdrawals which puts an enormous amount of stress on our bodies both mentally and physically. 

The the higher road, moving in a sustainable manner, step by step is the way to see sustainable results. So let's get into the 5 Worst Detoxes Ever!

Full show notes at

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Feng Shui Your Bedroom is the hot topic on Exploring Mind and Body. This is a fun show and short interview as I interview Dorothy Keith in 5 Minutes on How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom! Not only is she offering tips but for the first time as a guest doing this, she's put together the intro as well!

It's so important to clean old, stagnant and negative energy from your home. Many places like under the bed, in corners, even in closets hand on to energy that needs to be cleared out so we can move on emotionally.

5 Tips in 5 Minutes:


Be sure to have lighter colours in your bedroom. Cream, coral, peach, tan....earthy type of colors which include light blue's and greens as well. 

Stay away from red or oranges which are too stimulating.

Bed Position 

  • Move bed as far away from the door as possible
  • not under a window
  • find a solid wood headboard 
  • don't point your feet toward the door 

Stick to Curves not Corners 

  • Furniture should be round or curved not pointed
  • soften sharp corners with fabric 

Clear Clutter

  • clear clutter from corners, closets and especially under the bed


  • keep living plants in the room, not plastic 
  • place on night stand
  • flowers
  • books as well
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Shin Splints How to Prevent and Treat is something I wanted to talk about because the question just happened to come up in our Monthly Membership from Dallas. I love questions because it gives me a better idea of what you want to know, so let's talk about shin splints!

Show Notes:

The first thing you should know is if you do nothing they will absolutely get worse. You don't want them to get worse because then they'll get in the way of you reaching your health and fitness goals.

Undestanding what shin splints are - which is muscles actually tearing away from the bone, should help encourage your to do more things to prevent.

Regarding Prevention 

It's important to check your shoes and make sure they aren't too old. 90% of people wear shoes far past the time they should be replaced. This causes issue from everything to knee and ankle pain to shin splints. Replace your shoes on a regular basis especially if you're running on them.

Pay attention to surfaces you're running on - hard surfaces i.e. concrete will cause shin splints so try to run on a track, grass or even dirt.

Tape from time to time before shin splints come if possible. Find a professional to help.

Compression socks are another great way to prevent shin splints.

Always heat before activity and ice afterwards.

Strengthen - use a rubber band, walk backwards, or crunch a towel with your toes.

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The Wizard of OZ is without a doubt my all time favourite movie which is why I wanted to talk about the Nutrition of OZ. I have a deep love for food, real food, food that naturally energizes your body; that heals, cures and prevents. I also have a deep childhood love of everything about the Wizard of OZ.

So I thought, why not put the two together? In this show I'll be comparing the 4 main nutrients our bodies need in each and every meal, and I'll also be matching up the similarities between the main characters of the Wizard of Oz and how they relate to one another.

Show Notes:

Dorothy - fibre and antioxidants from fruit and veggies the main character of the movie and what should be the main character of your nutrition.

The Cowardly Lion - protein and the myth behind them both.

The Tin Man - Heart Healthy Fats and how the two are related.

The Scarecrow - directly linked to carbs because carbs don't make you fat and you need energy from them. As much energy as the scarecrow has.

Direct download: Nutrition_of_OZ_-_2016-04-25_1.00_PM.mp3
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Blaine’s connection to MitoCanada was a result of his son Evan who tragically went from being a perfectly normal 4-year-old kid (8 years ago) to a spastic quadriplegic overnight (who could not longer walk, talk or eat) as a result of mitochondrial disease. Blaine has poured his spare time over the past 7 years into helping raise awareness, provide support and raise funds for mitochondrial disease.

Blaine Penny is a passionate family man, Engineer, endurance athlete and volunteer. Blaine is a business executive by day, leading the Canadian operations for IHS Global Canada Ltd. - a global Information Services company - and a volunteer with MitoCanada Foundation by night. Blaine was a co-founder and past President and CEO of MitoCanada (2009 – 2015), the first and only Canadian charity in support of mitochondrial disease.

Show Notes:

  • from New Brunswick 
  • started out playing hockey, running, fishing, then got into cross country skiing 
  • starting running so he could ski
  • moved to Calgary 
  • loved climbing 
  • married, had kids then got into more conventional road running 
  • 2009 found out son Evan had Mitochondrial disease 
  • runs to relieve stress
  • part of the Bow Valley Harriers 
  • more on what Mitochondrial Disease is....


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Finding motivation is always a hot topic which is why I wanted to offer 10 instant tips to increase fitness motivation. The truth of the matter is, motivation isn't always there which is why it's so important to use that motivation and ride the wave when it is there.

In this post I'm going go over 5 tips to increase your motivation today! All you have to do is take action. It's easy to think about it, even talk about it, but putting these tips into action is the real challenge and will be exactly where you'll see results. So let's get started!

Setting Goals

Set a short 5 or 10 day challenge

Or you could try our FREE 10 Day Fitness Challenge here.

Find a Workout Partner

Record in a Success Journal

Plan an Event or Vacation

Track Your Progress


Finding a Motivating Environment

Using Momentum

A Coach or Partner

Mastermind Group

Links Mentioned:




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I feel it's so important to support local which is why I brought on Erin Braybrook who is the owner of the Carstairs Flower Shop Sparkling Dahlia. I wouldn't say it's the easiest thing to do to start your own business, in fact for me personally it's the hardest thing I've ever done.

The truth is, many of us that start our own businesses rely on local to support to run a business, feed ourselves and our families and without that local support, the service simply isn't available anymore.

Given businesses should be run correctly, there should be comparable prices, the customer service should always be on par and the quality of products should be there as well.

In this interview I ask Erin, what supporting local means to her, how and why she started her business, how difficult it can be, what the long hours are like and deep down, why she decided to put her shop up in the first place.

Direct download: Erin_interview_final_-_2016-04-13_5.57_PM.mp3
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James Anderson talks about how to push past your limits as he strives to break world records, inspire and raise money on his mission to be the fittest person in the world.

Who is James?

25 year old Ultra Endurance Athlete and Entrepreneur. Is the current holder of the Guinness world record for heaviest weight lifted with a Kettlebell in 1 hour (held for 19 months) , finalist in BBC 2's "Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week" - labelled the toughest reality T.V Show ever aired.

Only one of two men to run the entire pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome 1,200 miles in 58 days completely unassisted. Attempting world record for push ups, only 100 off last attempt reaching 2,100 reps in one hour. Now uses experience to build successful businesses

Show Notes:

  • Personal training
  • experience with 'run to Rome'
  • mission to be the 'fittest person in history'
  • marathon in the sea carry weights on his back
  • 24hr stair climb challenge
  • row, run and stair climb challenge
  • kettle bell world record holder
  • success had been built on a mountain of failure
  • world record push up challenge


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On this episode of Exploring Mind and Body I have the opportunity to interview Donald Altman who is the author of Clearing Emotional Clutter. I feel like so many of us carry around our past, we're weighed down emotionally and haven't learned how to let go.

I like the example Donald used in the interview as he talks about Hoarding. Many of us have watched the show hoarders, and many of us have thought, 'how could they live that way'. I'd imagine if you could look deep into our emotions, you'll find emotional hoarding in most of us.

As a psychotherapist Donald has an interesting way of looking at the mind and helping us understand how to let go of mind clutter. He even discusses how we can retrain our brain and way of thinking so we can have more positive thoughts and emotions.

Who is Donald Altman?

Donald Altman is the author of Clearing Emotional Clutter, One-Minute Mindfulness, and several other books about mindfulness. He is a practicing psychotherapist and former Buddhist monk. An award-winning writer and an expert on mindful eating, he teaches in the neurobiology program at Portland State University.  Visit him online at

Show Notes:

  • hoarding in the mind
  • lifestyle tools
  • studying at a monastery
  • compassion meditating
  • family mind clutter
  • childhood mind clutter
  • how to untie knots
  • step back from a situation
  • notice your anger
  • realize where your 'knot' came from
  • take an elevated view of your emotions
  • inner facebooking
  • navy seal positivity training

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I wanted to talk about relationship weight gain because the truth is, it's easier to gain weight in a relationship. I want to thank Dallas for bringing the topic up and asking me to offer my insight on the subject.

In this post I'm going to give you 5 tips in 5 minutes on relationship weight gain, why it happens and why it's easier to gain weight when you are in a relationship.

I would like to note before I get started, I'm not saying you will gain weight if you get in a relationship, I'm just saying it can be easier. And of course you may find the exact opposite happen if you get together with someone who loves working out and eating healthy because then you can do this together and live healthier, however that's rarely the case.

5 Tips in 5 Minutes:


When you find someone you enjoy being with many times its enough to simply be with them. You don't have to go out, buy dinner, dress fancy. You simply enjoy each others company which means you're perfectly comfortable doing nothing but sitting on the couch watching a movie.

The only downfall to this is, not only do you go out for dinner less but you tend to go for walks less, or other other activities that helps burn calories.

Self Imagine 

Let's be honest here, you found your love, you're in a relationship and many people get 'comfortable' with their self image. No doubt a positive, we should all strive to be comfortable in our own skin, be confident in what we look like and have a positive self imagine.

However, if you gain a few lbs you notice it less. If you eat an unhealthy meal, no big deal, sweat pants and a sweater lounging around won't show the pizza every weekend for a month anyways. If you miss a few workouts, you don't think about it much because you're cozy at home and aren't going out as much anyways.

Lack of Support 

We feed off of each other especially in a relationship. If one person doesn't feel like eating a healthy dish it's much easier to say, 'fine let's order take out'. If one person doesn't support your workouts for example then you feel guilty leaving the kids with them.

Having Some Help

We know what it's like not to have any help. You have a job, kids, then you have to prepare meals and all by yourself. Lack of help seems like you're trying to run in quick sand while someone is standing there watching you. What's worse is if it's a loved one, and you can't figure out why they won't help.

Support and help mean everything, unfortunately if you don't get that help, it's much easier for you to skip that healthy meal, toss a frozen pizza in the over or have microwave popcorn for dinner instead.

Extra Time

Extra time isn't something we have. In the last tip we talked about family, kids, job and a that likely doesn't help to boot. So we certainly feel we don't have time. We don't have time to make a grocery list, plan our meals for the week, plan our workouts or go to the gym.

It's time consuming to do all these extra things, and it's much easier to simply skip it all together.

But Wait! .....There's Hope!

I understand relationship weight gain, in fact I see it all the time. It could be a friend you haven't seen for a number of weeks or a number of months and you finally see them and can't figure out where that 10lbs came from. A new relationship would be a good guess.

Not all relationships cause you to gain weight but it is common especially if you don't have that support with or from them.

But there is hope and that's why it's so important to find a supportive community to be a part of. Of like minded individuals that want to live healthy, that can offer that support, that ask and answer questions. A supportive community means everything ESPECIALLY if you don't have it at home.

But Wait There's More 

Within our monthly membership we also offer meal plans that include recipes and grocery shopping lists to save you time in the grocery store in the kitchen. And we cover fitness too, with all at home weekly workouts (no equipment required).

If you're looking for a supportive community, a safe place that will offer a positive influence on your life, for more details click here.


This show was brought to you by Coaching with Lucinda.  Nutrition, weight loss coaching and much more!

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Binge eating is a major topic because we all do it in some way or another. We could have serious eating disorders or we could have trouble picking up a bag of chips and not finishing the whole thing. Whatever it is we all deal with binge eating on some level which is why I want to discuss how to overcome binge eating.

In this show I go over 4 levels of Binge Eating, which include understand stress and how your stress levels contribute to binge eating.

Emotional eating goes hand in hand with binge eating which it's why I'll talk about that next. Self sabotage is also a major subject that needs to be addressed and finally we'll go over letting go of the past, and help you understand what's weighing us down and how to let go.

#1. Stress

If we can understand that stress is the main reason we binge eat then we'll give ourselves a better opportunity to overcome bing eating.

It's so important to work on releasing that stress valve with consistent and conscious effort because we don't have a natural stress release. Writing, getting away, talking about your stress, and especially exercise are all ways to help you reduce stress which will ultimately help you overcome binge eating.

#2. Emotional Eating

Emotional eating goes hand in hand with binge eating. If can better understand when our emotions are high, look to find different outlets similar to stress relief then emotional eating won't be such an issue.

#3. Self Sabotage

We have to understand that we are worth it. Doesn't matter who we are, what we've done or what we want. We are worth it and we deserve to happy, healthy individuals that enjoy life. Self sabotage has a whole lot to do with how to overcome binge eating.

#4. Letting go of the past

Anyway you look at it, the past holds us down. Anger, fear, not accepting who we are or where we're at in life holds of back because of what happened in the past. By letting go, find outlets like breathing exercises or meditation we can focus on what pain we're still holding on to.


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5 Surprising Tips Why You Have the Flu 

Direct download: 5_Surprising_Tips_Why_You_Have_the_Flu_-_2016-03-31_9.43_AM.mp3
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Rick Titan on How to Crush Stress

Direct download: ricktitanfinal.mp3
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Direct download: Lacking_the_Ability_to_Communicate__-_2016-03-22_3.18_PM.mp3
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5 tips in 5 minutes for beginner half marathon runners

Here's a short snippet from my interview with Dr. Davis, author of Wheat Belly on Exploring Mind and Body. Should you cut out wheat, is wheat bad for you, what results can you get from cutting out wheat? Dr. Davis answers all these here.

Direct download: 5.5_wheat_belly_full_podcast_-_2016-03-16_11.57_AM.mp3
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Check out The Better Rocker on Exploring Mind and Body!
Direct download: 252181080-drewtaddia-living-healthy-w-betty-rocker-2015-12-08-402-pm.mp3
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Join P90X Sensation Tony Horton as we get up close in personal on Exploring Mind and Body!

Direct download: Tony_Horton_PODCAST.mp3
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This is Troy interviewing me on how I ran a half marathon without training.

Direct download: Run_a_half_marathon_without_training__-_2016-03-11_9.06_AM.mp3
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Who are quick results dangerous, why is the 'quick fix' the opposite of what you're looking for? I answer those questions in this show.
Direct download: 251356609-drewtaddia-dangers-of-instant-results-2016-02-01-134-pm.mp3
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The questions always comes up, should I be sore after a workout. In this show I offer 5 tips in 5 minutes on the good, bad and ugly being sore after a workout
Direct download: 251355958-drewtaddia-55-should-i-be-sore-after-a-workout-2016-01-07-929-am.mp3
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In this show in Real People, Real Results I interview Lana Kreiser on how she was able to see such significant results in only 2 months!  And she'll tell you how you can too.

Direct download: Lana_radio.mp3
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Check out this short interview format with Dan Millman, Julie Daniluk and Tosca Reno!
Direct download: 251027266-drewtaddia-julie-daniluk-dan-millman-tosca-reno.mp3
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Why not to use braces for injuries
Direct download: 250422042-drewtaddia-55-using-braces-for-injuries-2016-01-10-1138-am.mp3
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No doubt something we'll all need to deal with at some point in our lives. International best selling author, Debra Oakland talks about how she lost her 2 children, 2 brothers and father all in a 4 year span, how she was able to deal with it and you can handle grief as well.


Direct download: Debra_Oakland_-_2016-03-04_10.50_AM.mp3
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In this short 5 tips in 5 minute show I answer the question, should I eat when I'm not hungry?
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Ideas on how to save time and be efficient with your day.

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In this show I pretty much go over what you shouldn't do if you're going to run a half marathon. 

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5 Tips in 5 minutes of understanding how to control your portions!

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The #1 reason people tell me they didn't go workout, grocery shop or prepare their meals is because they say they have no time.

So I thought, why not do a show on how to get more out of your day, so there's more time doing the things you want or feel you don't have time for. 

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Listen to Dorothy Keith as she talks about how she was able to get incredible results in only 10 days!

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Tobin Blake a Healing Journey 

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Dangers of Instant Results

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Reduce the risk of a heart attack, here's how.

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Why I chose to go cell phoneless and the benefits I found.

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Benefits of Fermented Foods

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The importance of taking car of your car. 

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The importance of mindful eating 

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What you should be avoiding after a workout
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5 Tips in 5 Minutes on How to Avoid Cravings.
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Undiet with Meghan Telpner

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Ultra Marathoner Dave Proctor

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Dr. Bernie Siegel talks about Love, Animals and Miracles 

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5 Tips in 5 Minutes on using a brace for injuries 

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5 tips in 5 minutes on why you should be sore after a workout but don't need to be sore after every workout.

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In 5 minutes here are my best tips on how to avoid cravings.

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Yes, you should absolutely eat when you're not hungry. In this show I telly you why.

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Ricks Meditation tips!

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Tips to save time in the grocery store 

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How you don't need to spend hours in the gym and why using high intensity workouts is the best way to workout.

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Tips from Kelly on how to reach your goals with Visualization.

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What you Shouldn't do after a workout regarding nutrition 

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Check out my interview with Betty Rocker!

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questions from our monthly membership 

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Dirk's 4 Principles 

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Tips on how to reduce stress and Eat out guilt free

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What heating healthy is stressful and what you can do about it

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Key tips on how to keep all your hard work into the new year.

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Dr. Rebecca Risks talks about Lyme Disease 

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Tips to more easily get up and work out in the morning.

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Communication from the other side

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Why the family first fitness approach is the best way to see results from the entire family.

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with Jenn Santana 

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7 Tips for lasting change

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How to over come rejection.

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For our Monthly Membership group

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Great tips to reduce stress at this time of year

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EM&B #214: Applied Kinesiologist Dr. Adrian Korol

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My 10 top reasons why a success journal will take your health to the next level.

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Self Love with Janis McKinstry

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We've got Pilates instructor Colleen Manning coming on today to share the benefits of Pilates.

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Healthy habits for kids with Steve Stearns 

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Some quick tips to help you with nutrition over the holiday season.

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A story of surviving a stroke.

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In this show I talk about how almost everything we do is because of a conditioned response.

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Ad for HearWell

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Ad for the tire shop

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My 4 top tips on how to avoid adrenal fatigue and help you reduce stress.

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It was an absolute pleasure have Kristin Dahl and the show today for another interview. We share very similar beliefs when it comes to health and nutrition from staying active (fitness wise) to our beliefs around counting calories. As a holistic nutritionist Kristin has a more natural approach when it comes to hear teachings which is lovely to hear.

Direct download: Kristin_Dahl_-_2015-09-16_11.52_AM.mp3
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This is a story of how I healed myself.

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In this show I talk about why 'that one big break' is a myth and what can do to change your mindset.

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Why we struggle in certain areas in life from finances to relationships, all have to do the with story we're telling ourselves. 

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Listen to Chantal talk about how she was able to reach her health and fitness goals in Real People Real Results!

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Check out Dylan Dean as she talks about how she was able to get out of her fitness rut!

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Check all these tips Jason has to offer on making fitness fun!

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Listen to Andy as he shares his passion for health and fitness along with how he's able to manage such a busy schedule.

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Check out guest Bob Choat as he talks about how to improve your mind set.

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