Ageless Energy

Dr. Mike Van Thielen is a leading figure in the realm of healthcare innovation. As the Medical Director at ClariGenZ Health, he spearheads an exciting venture – a revolutionary pill designed to deliver all the benefits of Adderall without the associated harmful side effects. Simultaneously, Dr. Van Thielen serves as a dedicated treating physician at Boston Neuro Pain and Psych Centers, where he has positively impacted tens of thousands of patients wrestling with chronic pain and mental health conditions.

Notable for his accomplishments, Dr. Van Thielen is a best-selling author, focusing on optimizing productivity, enhancing focus, and crafting a stress-free life in his book, "Access 2 Success." He's the founder of the Health Freedom movement, a sought-after speaker who has shared the stage with luminaries such as Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and Darren Hardy, the owner of Success Magazine.

With a journey spanning over three decades, Dr. Van Thielen's expertise encompasses optimal health practices, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, sports performance, nutrition, supplementation, and biohacking strategies. As a mentor and coach, he assists individuals in reclaiming control over their health and well-being. His multifaceted career, which includes serving as an assistant coach and therapist for the Belgian Olympic swim team during the Atlanta Olympic Games, attests to his passion for sports and wellness. Dr. Mike's entrepreneurial spirit shines through his vast business experience and a proven track record in establishing and developing successful business operations, as well as his philanthropic efforts in raising funds through charity events.

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