Ageless Energy

Artist and photographer Nicole Asherah focuses on the gritty and conflicting emotional process involved with healing in her powerful, moving debut poetry book, A Life Cycle: A Guide to Healing and Rediscovering Yourself (March 14, 2022).

While many would consider Nicole young at only 22 years old, she carries the wisdom of many lifetimes lived. Based on Nicole‚Äôs journal from three years ago when she was 19, A Life Cycle takes us through a full year of transformation in her life after being sexually assaulted, revealing hope for a new generation.

Normalizing emotional processing, Nicole expertly knows how and when to dive into heavy topics and emotions. Her insight and perception come through clearly in the instances of hope and joy she interweaves throughout the narrative, a reminder that life is never just one thing. A Life Cycle strikingly champions the idea that life always holds the propensity for change.

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