With Thanksgiving coming up I thought I'd offer some Thanksgiving Holiday Nutrition Tips which can be used during any holiday season. 

This is a difficult time of year for many with so many temptations right in our face, which lasts all day for some. Then the next day with treats, desserts and leftovers.

It's important to understand we're developing habits right now, many in which that are unhealthy. So when it come to make lifestyle changes we find results come that much harder because of the habits we're developing right now.

Show Notes:

- Eat before you go

- Bring something healthy to eat

- Avoid deep fried appetizers 

- Know that you don't 'have' to drink just because everyone else is

- Fill your plate with veggies first or fill your first plate full of veggies then go back for more

- Avoid the all day marathon of overindulging. If possible stay for one meal.

- Plan a meal for when you got home

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