In this mind-expanding episode, we explore the ideas of Vishen Lakhiani, and discuss his newly published and brilliant book, “Code of the Extraordinary Mind.” Vishen realized that out of all of the tips to success we are taught in school, the biggest and most important was left out: How to operate on a much higher level of consciousness.

As his life mission to teach humanity these skills, he shares with us how to change our brain waves, increase our happiness by 25% (with just 3 minutes a day), how to improve physical endurance with only your mind, and much more on how to attain this breakthrough mindset.

Show Notes:

  • Interesting story of how he got started, thriving career
  • Meditation
  • Forgiveness- Changing your brain waves, freeing yourself from fear
  • Gratitude- Improves physical body, healing power, 25% happier in 30 days, daily exercise, keeping a journal. 5 things you are grateful for about your personal life, your work life, and yourself.
  • Giving- Evolutionary, strength of human connections,being happy=making others happy
  • Goals- Fake rules of life that have been passed down by generations. Means goals vs. End goals:learning what you are ultimately trying to gain from your goals, and how to get them much faster. Ex: weight loss= intimacy, opening up your possibilities to achieving intimacy in different ways.
  • Unmessable- Learn to be fear proof
  • “Be merciless with your kindness.”
  • Set points- Points of measurement, 50 push ups.

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