Show Notes:

  • Who is Dr. Klop, how he got interested in Homeopathy
  • Do something fulfilling to get better/back to health
  • Having a sense of purpose helps people live longer
  • Drew Taddia´s personal story- success and failures
  • "If you want to own the island, burn the boats."- Tony Robbins
  • Purpose
    • Everyone has one, even trees have a purpose
    • It´s about connecting your past positive and negative experiences together to find out what propels you forward
    • Yet to be uncovered
  • When facing life challenges, connect back to your purpose
    • We are often overwhelmed with descisions, we spread ourselves too thin and we are not fulfilled
  • What matters to you? What moves you forward?
    • Answering these questions is the key to a longer life
  • Being in service to others
  • Once someone is aware that they have been unaware, they can start to ask and answer some of life´s key questions
    • Why am I here? Is this my legacy? What am I leaving behind? How am I contributing to and bettering myself and the world around me?
    • The awnsers to these questions fertilizes the soil in which you grow.
  • Look back in life and write down your top 5 best experiences, and the top 5 most painful/discouraging experiences
    • To propel yourself forward
    • Use what you have learned to help others grow
  • My purpose is ___, so that ___
    • Ex: My purpose is to help others find their purpose- to live a fully/wholly and healthily, so that they inspire others to do the same
  • Write, think, and talk about your life purpose
  • Create a life that fulfills your purpose
  • Our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves- healing from a foundation level
    • Our "Quick fix" society teaches us to just mask the symptoms - never getting rid of the root of the problem
    • Make changes that treat the root of the problem
  • Eating with fear is just as bad as eating McDonalds
    • Good Food + Bad Mindset = Unhealthy
    • Bad Food + Good Mindset = Healthier
  • Do what works for you
    • Small changes to impact the core of the problem are huge
  • Don´t be afraid to indulge yourself, life is short
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