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It's been awhile since I decided to get rid of cell phone, and it's been awhile since I talked about it. 9 months later I still haven't hooked up my phone so I thought I would share some of my 'no cell phone challenges'.

No it's not always easy but it's still the best decision I made both in my business and personal life. I'm not constantly interrupted when I'm working on a project, I'm not continually looking at my phone when I'm out with friends and family and I'm not thinking about who's said what on social media when I'm not directly on social media.

I do continue to have a few challenges which include:

  • People are actually insulted when they ask me for my number and I tell them I don't have one. They don't think I'm telling the truth. This is always awkward because the only number I can give them is my toll free number (888-572-5552) which you can only leave a message for.
  • Verification is a frustrating challenge. Most online services from social media to to banks, when they want to verify it's your account want to send a message to your phone.
  • Business meetings are another challenge. People want to know what number than can reach me. I can avoid this by offering my email address but some insist on calling.
  • This real frustration is really on the other side that I can understand. Family and friends find it frustration when they can't call or text me. Even though there is social media, Skype, FaceTime, email and more. But again I can understand this challenge.

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