Feng Shui Your Bedroom is the hot topic on Exploring Mind and Body. This is a fun show and short interview as I interview Dorothy Keith in 5 Minutes on How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom! Not only is she offering tips but for the first time as a guest doing this, she's put together the intro as well!

It's so important to clean old, stagnant and negative energy from your home. Many places like under the bed, in corners, even in closets hand on to energy that needs to be cleared out so we can move on emotionally.

5 Tips in 5 Minutes:


Be sure to have lighter colours in your bedroom. Cream, coral, peach, tan....earthy type of colors which include light blue's and greens as well. 

Stay away from red or oranges which are too stimulating.

Bed Position 

  • Move bed as far away from the door as possible
  • not under a window
  • find a solid wood headboard 
  • don't point your feet toward the door 

Stick to Curves not Corners 

  • Furniture should be round or curved not pointed
  • soften sharp corners with fabric 

Clear Clutter

  • clear clutter from corners, closets and especially under the bed


  • keep living plants in the room, not plastic 
  • place on night stand
  • flowers
  • books as well
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