Ageless Energy

Dr. Melissa McCreery is a psychologist, emotional eating expert, author, host of the Too Much on Her Plate podcast, and the creator of Your Missing Peace, the program that supports smart, busy women in creating freedom from overeating and peace with food. 

She has helped thousands of women break cycles with overwhelm, overload, and overeating without feeling deprived, and without depending on ridiculous amounts of willpower. Over 32,000 women have taken her free Hidden Hungers quiz online. Participants in Dr. McCreery's signature program lose their cravings and their overeating habits. 

Her approach to helping working mothers, busy professionals, and stressed-out business owners emphasizes ditching diet mentality and using the power of psychology. 

Her perspective has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Weight Watchers Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Working Mother, Fitness, Women’s Health, CNN Health, Real Simple, and Self.

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