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On this edition of Exploring Mind and Body, I wanted to open up some of my own Random Thoughts to you.

In this show I talk about business, how it's difficult to find people to help. They want something very specific or they're not going to do it. There's only so much you can do for your business.

How banks are basically stealing from you and how they charge hidden fees, even when they advertise a zero-fee product.

Shady stuff was going on with Amazon Alexa devices, they were basically stealing bandwidth to sell it to other clients.

How social media is regulating what you can or can't say.

What oils need to have in their ingredients to put a name on the label.

How to find a good quality coconut oil - what is MCT oil and the different chains of MCT oil. Which one is better for you.

Food industry and supplements industry: Are they concerned about our health? Why we have to always read ingredients.

And these kinds of things just happen right in front of us.

Hope you enjoy!

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