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As more and more people talk about buying early Christmas presents. I hope you consider local.

We have friends, neighbors, family members and people in our own communities doing everything they can to feed their families and put food on the table.

I hope you consider them before buying at the cheapest item you can find at the closest box store. Knowing full well those products are produced in a land far away made by people you’ll never meet, filing they pockets of people that will never know your name.

Consider all the time and effort it takes to run a business and make sure customers are happy.

Consider that the price may be a little more but you’re supporting customer service, you’re supporting better quality, a stronger local economy, you’re putting a smile on someone’s face whom you share schools with and grocery stores.

How amazing would it be if everyone committed to supporting local this year. What if every single one of us bought every single gift within their own community.

Even though we ship and many of our orders come from places further away, we’d fully support that.

And I think every other small and local business would feel the same way.

It does make a difference, your vote matters to each and every one of us that do our best to bring you quality products and services every single day. And we thank you for that.

10+ years in the game of life and business and Dorothy and I still celebrate, we still get excited and it still brings joy and happiness to our lives each time a new order comes in 💙🙏💙

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