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Louise Landry is nothing short of inspirations as we talk about how she will accept no limitations. At age 56, a stroke survivor and more active than people half her age, Louise continues to push her limits and inspire those around her.

Louise has been a part of Monthly Membership since is started over a year ago (at the time of this post/recording) and has been with us for whole food detoxes before hand. Along with workouts throughout the week, weekly yoga and NIA classes Louise stays active all the time.

As a stroke survivor and limitations in eye sight and her left arm Louise doesn't let anything hold her back, in fact you might say she does more than the average person regardless of what limitation might be put in front of her.

Dorothy and I traveled to Lethbridge to run with Louise for her first 5K after training for only 4 months. She'll tell you herself she doesn't love running, but I think the challenge is what keeps her going. She actually signed up for another 5k that she hopes to run in the winter to raise money for the food bank.

In this interview I asked Louise if she had any advice for someone that might say they are too old to set a new goal or go after something that might interest them. She said, 'give it a shot, there's always a way around any limitation you may seem to have. Take it slow, schedule your workouts in and work progressively toward your goals'.

Truly an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do Louise, we couldn't be happier we found you.


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