Eat Complete with Dr. Drew Ramsey is all about Brain Health and helping you understand that firstly food can improve the health of your brain and secondly which foods can help in which ways. Eat Complete is also jam packed with recipes to help you prepare delicious to improve the health of your brain.

Show Notes: 

  • Importance of food for the brain
  • Nutrients that help the brain grow
  • Science of how depression and anxiety can be fought with food
  • Stop counting calories - 'Don't turn a good meal into a math equation'
  • Nutrient dense foods
  • The rule of Kale
  • Brain healthy foods: potassium, leafy greens, seafood, nuts, beans, dark chocolate
  • 30% of women lack iodine
  • Add Vitamin b12 to your diets along with omega 3 fatty acids
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