In this shorter show of 5 tips in 5 minutes we'll go over how to avoid temptation at work. 

Some of these tips include:

tell your co-workers 

have a good breakfast 

bring a health lunch 

bring food to snack on

get active at lunch time 

try to start a challenge 

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I have been loving teaching yoga in Vegreville for about 6 years. I find the reason that I love to do yoga myself is that I always feel better for it! And it is for this reason that I love to teach yoga - because it is so gratifying to be able to help other people feel better too! Prior to my certification, I worked for fifteen years in the school system as an Educational Assistant, so it was an easy transition to teaching in the studio.

I came to the practice myself for the physical benefits, as I think many in our Western culture do. But I quickly found that many of the practices, though simple, were very profound. The act of simply becoming aware of your breath and your body, and how you're feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, can have such a huge impact on stress and anxiety levels. Yoga translates as yoke or union, and by simply reconnecting our physical, spiritual and mental aspects, we can come to find more balance in our lives. 

I am married to Cam, and we are happy parents to six grown children and two grandchildren. We live and work on a farm south of Vegreville, as well as work together in another business. Aside from my love of yoga, I enjoy time with our family, the outdoors, hiking, snowboarding, and water sports.

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Listen to Dorothy as she talks about the importance of running with a purpose. After her friend and running partner passed away she decided to start a campaign called Running for Rozina where Dorothy plans to raise money for the Children's Hospital art program.

More details in the show from her training program to recovery, addressing post goal depression and more.

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In this show I wanted to talk about the importance of a team. It's seems like more than ever I'm starting to realize how important a team is not only in business but in life. Think about your work place, there's a good chance you work with a team. You have a boss or manager, you have coworker and other employees all doing different things but working together for one purpose.

This is no different than a family. Each one of our family members contribute in some way. Course sports is no different. Everyone has one goal, everyone has a job or an objective and without that part done, we miss a big part of what we're trying to accomplish.

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It's important to develop routines for yourself, especially during back to school time. In this show I talk about the importance of routines, how to develop them and where to start.

Understand that you're developing routines right now, usually unhealthy, and usually based around like of time especially given the rush of back to school.

Do your best to set out some routines, regarding meal planning, a fitness schedule and a group, person or people to keep you accountable.

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Helene Segura talks about how to be more efficient in business and in life. How to save time, get more out of your day, prioritize and more!

Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO┬«, author of The Inefficiency Assassin,  is a time management consultant based in San Antonio, TX. She combines neuroscience, educational psychology and pop culture to teach her individual clients and keynote and training audiences how to improve their efficiency during their work day so they can have a life outside of it. Her website is www.HeleneSegura.com.


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I'm excited to share with you, we'll be launching EM&B on a new station! More details within the show.

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Helen Chin Lui is a certified reflexologist, certified energy medicine practitioner, certified Usui Master Reiki practitioner and teacher. Her specialties include natural hormonal balancing, relief from chronic digestive issues, and chronic pain relief. She lives and works in Medfield, Massachussets and is the founder of the Healing Place, a holistic healing center that specializes in reflexology, chakra balancing, energy medicine, and Reiki.

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Have you thought about what you want out of life? Have you wrote it down, have you talked about it, or do you go through the motions? Do you feel like achieving your dreams is too far out of reach, do you know what they are?

In this show I talk about the reality of achieving which is much closer than many believe. I talk about setting an intention, going after your dreams and goals and not letting anything get in the way.

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More than a year ago, Cyndal Johnston, was on a maternity leave with her 6-month old son, when she stumbled upon a great business opportunity of selling hemp. The more she researched about hemp, the more she was amazed about its benefits that she started taking for herself and her family.

Now, she is a proud owner of HempE (Hemp Enthusiast) and has been a local distributor of hemp products ever since. She has discovered the versatility of hemp plants and now has a full health and beauty line, accessories, food products and recipes from it. You can find her contact details at the bottom of our show notes.

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